My Top 10 Blogging Resources

One of the things I am most proud of accomplishing this year is building up my blog.

However, that would never have happened if not for the help of a whole circle of incredible bloggers and their expert advice.

I thought it would nice to bring things full circle in light of the New Year so I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite resources. Who knows, maybe they can help some of you as much as they helped me.


Got Bloggers Block? Here Are 50 Ways to Kick Its Ass || I love this post so much that I refer back to it whenever I feel bloggers block creeping in. It was featured in Gala Darling’s Best of 2014 post and even inspired me to write this one so you know it’s a winner.

5 Tips for Blogging Everyday || I know what you guys are thinking. “But Merisa, you don’t actually blog everyday.” I know, I know. That seems pretty daunting at times but this post helps me meet my blogging schedule whenever I attempt one.

How to Not Look Like an Amateur Blogger in 12 Easy Steps || Within this post are some of the best and most helpful blog-related pieces of advice I’ve ever found. As I continue to build my blog I continue to return to this post if only for the links to other helpful posts within the site. Great directions with clear examples.

50 Lessons from a Decade of Blogging || This is pretty much the Holy Grail of blogging resources, in my opinion at least. It includes countless (well, 50 actually) bits of advice that Leonie Dawson has learned and decided to share over her 10 years of blogging. That’s right, 10 years! Of course your words of wisdom are going to turn into a gold mine after 10 years, that’s obvious. I love this post and think anyone who is serious about blogging should read it. So get to it.

How to Grow Your Blog Without Spending Money || This post is short, sweet, and informative. Sometimes it can seem like you’ve got to have a ton of cash on hand to actually turn your blog into a lucrative project but this opened my eyes to other ways that don’t cost a thing.

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging || Quick, simple, and useful advice. That’s all you really need.

25 Tips to Become a More Productive Blogger || One of my biggest issues with blogging is procrastinating or just burning out sometimes. This post is incredibly useful when those times come. I feel more productive just reading it.

10 Words to Cut From Your Writing || Confession: I use every single one of the words listed. I’m the world’s worst at repeating certain words and phrases. I mean, how many times have you seen me use the words “love”, “obsessed”, and “amazing?” A freaking lot. I’m working on it. In the meantime I like to refer back to this post as a reminder to stop using fluffy fillers.

Top Tips for Beginning Bloggers || ┬áSo. Much. Info. It’s all freaking fantastic though so it’s totally worth the read. I even print out a few infographics and keep them handy.

The Ultimate Blog Resource Library || Last but not least, the most epic gathering of blog resources in all the land. If I’ve got a question or just wanna do some research I head here. It’s got everything.

Hope and Solace: Advice for Bloggers || I know I said the last one was the last one but this is a bonus, mostly because it’s not exactly aimed toward bloggers specifically but sometimes you just need a little reassurance when you’re doing any sort of writing. I find this collection of quotes very helpful and sorta comforting whenever I’m in a rut.