101 things in 1001 days

Happy New Year, Magnolias!

While thinking of what my resolutions should be this year I realized that I wanted to do something different.

That’s when the Design Darling’s 101 things to do in 1001 days post came to mind. First of all, I was incredibly impressed when I found out that the particular post I was reading was actually Mackenzie Horan’s second 101 Things list. That seemed like such a huge accomplish on its own. Both lists include such fun and exciting experiences that it inspired me to start thinking of what exactly I wanted to/could accomplish in the next 2.75 years.

After that little brain storm I went straight to Siri and asked “What day is 1001 days away from today?” “It’s September 27th, 2017” she graciously answered.

That day happens to be very special to me. It’s my favorite aunt’s birthday and exactly one week away from 26th birthday. That settled it. Instead of making breakable resolutions in 2015 I would make my own list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I spent all day at work coming up with a list, which was actually harder than the work I was supposed to be doing.


Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Start: December 31, 2014

End: September 27, 2017

  1. Go one month without eating takeout.
  2. Read 50 new books. (6/50)
  3. Go to 3 concerts.
  4. Go one month without shopping (other than groceries).
  5. Unplug for 24 hours (no internet, no iPhone, no iPad, etc) (June ’15)
  6. Come up with my own signature recipe. (July ’15)
  7. Run a 5K.
  8. Read for at least 30 minutes every night for a month.
  9. Watch all the Best Picture noms before the Oscars.
  10. Make a sizable donation to my alma mater.
  11. Redesign my blog
  12. Stick to a blogging schedule. (January ’15, February ’15, March ’15)
  13. Create an About page for the blog. (April ’15)
  14. Start blogging professionally.
  15. Post a full OOTD on the blog.
  16. Write a guest post for another blog.
  17. Have a guest write a post for my blog.
  18. Move into my first apartment.
  19. Throw a New Year’s Eve party in my new apartment.
  20. Invest in a classic handbag. (August ’15)
  21. Exercise 4 times a week for a month.
  22. Send 25 hand written notes. (10/25)
  23. Get my passport.
  24. Fly for the first time.
  25. Travel to a new country.
  26. Organize a charity event.
  27. Give 10 “just because” gifts. (8/10)
  28. Go to a Yankees game.
  29. Go to a UK basketball game.
  30. Go to an Alabama football game.
  31. Fill one whole journal.
  32. Improve my French.
  33. Take a trip with my best friends.
  34. Do five 30 Day workout challenges.
  35. Go sweet free for a week.
  36. Style a photo shoot.
  37. Attempt to make macarons.
  38. Start a travel savings fund. (August ’15)
  39. Keep a gratitude jar. (started January 2015)
  40. Go to Homecoming as an alumna.
  41. Throw someone a surprise party.
  42. Pay off my credit card. (July ’15)
  43. Get my palms read.
  44. Practice archery again.
  45. Visit my cousins in Las Vegas.
  46. Leave a note inside my favorite book in a bookstore.
  47. Host a Christmas party.
  48. Visit the beach.
  49. Hit an average of 100 page views a day on the blog.
  50. Hit an average of 1000 page views a day on the blog.
  51. Frame my college diploma.
  52. Visit 5 new cities.
  53. Start a hope chest for my apartment. (January ’15 I hit those after-Christmas sales like no other, y’all)
  54. Attend the Kentucky Derby.
  55. Let my nails grow.
  56. Visit 3 museums.
  57. Comment on a new blog post each day for a month.
  58. Go to sleep before 11 pm every night for a week.
  59. Wake up at 8 am every morning for a week.
  60. Save up for a new camera lens.
  61. Host a giveaway on the blog.
  62. Start a book club. (January ’15)
  63. Have my makeup done professionally.
  64. Finally finish Gossip Girl.
  65. Get my tattoo retouched.
  66. See The Nutcracker ballet.
  67. Brush up on my grammar skills.
  68. Visit London.
  69. Host a Halloween party.
  70. Reconnect with an old friend.
  71. Learn how to use Photoshop properly.
  72. Finish one of my short stories.
  73. Start a serious emergency savings fund.
  74. Treat my sister to a day of whatever she wants to do.
  75. Become a better swimmer.
  76. Call my aunt more frequently and treat her to lunch.
  77. See Britney Spears in concert.
  78. See a Broadway play.
  79. Set up my own office space.
  80. Style my desk as if it were being professionally photographed.
  81. Get best friend tattoos with Elizabeth.
  82. Watch a movie at a drive-in.
  83. Start a vinyl record collection. (January 2015)
  84. Have Afternoon Tea at a fancy restaurant.
  85. Have my blog featured on another blog. (My name is featured on Design Darling, LippieObsession nominated me for Most Inspiring Blogger, and Carrie On Blogs/Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook/Monogrammed Midwesterner held a Gossip Girl Day linkup – January ’15)
  86. Have my blog featured in a magazine.
  87. Finally get my Yankees Stadium canvas framed.
  88. Become more involved with the Alumni Association.
  89. Help raise a million dollars for The Trevor Project.
  90. Go back to volunteering at the animal shelter.
  91. Publish 5 “how to” or DIY posts to my blog. (DIY Cake Toppers, DIY Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Serving Tray, How to Celebrate Women’s History Month, How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes, DIY: Thumbtack Art)
  92. Start a video series for the blog.
  93. Leave a 100% tip for great service.
  94. Go on a hike to watch the sunrise.
  95. Write a blog post about my favorite book.
  96. See Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater.
  97. Pay off a chunk of my student loans.
  98. Invest in a monogrammed necklace that can become an heirloom.
  99. Start self-hosting the blog. (January 2015)
  100. Help a friend with web design/starting their own blog.
  101. Inspire someone else to create their own 101 list.


21 thoughts on “101 things in 1001 days

  1. fancy afternoon teas are the best! You’ll definitely have to blog about that one with pictures! I’m imagining the most adorable outfit post! Good luck!

    Can’t wait to read more from you!

    1. You definitely should! Check out Design Darling’s list (I’ve linked it at the start of this post) for great ideas and she links to a ton of girls who made their own lists too. Be sure to let me know if you make one. It’s so much fun!

  2. I love reading all of these 101 in 1001 lists! This is my last week of my first list and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I’ve finished so many things on my list and can’t wait to start another one! Since the time goes so fast, I want to challenge you to complete #13 by the end of the month! If I like reading a blog, I go straight to the About Me page to find out more. So it’s definitely good to have one!

    Penn&Quill || Robin

    1. Well I definitely accept your challenge because that is one of think of frequently but never get around to doing. Thank you so much! I hope you continue reading to see how that challenge goes. Haha

  3. I have been wanting to start a 1001 lost it just seems so daunting to me haha good for you for having so much crossed off already! Stopping by from the blogger life 🙂

    1. Hi, Krista! Thanks for reading. You should definitely do one, I thought it was daunting too (I can barely think of what I need to do tomorrow let alone 101 things for 1001 days. Haha) but once I got rolling the ideas poured out. In fact, I’ve started a second list. You’re the first to know that! Check out designdarling.com for the original list & lists of other bloggers!

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