Halloween Group Costume Ideas + Link Up

Halloween Group Costume Ideas + Link Up on Monogrammed Magnolias

“I remember when I thought group costumes were a good idea. Too much work! And not enough friends.” – Darrell, Bob’s Burgers

Do you feel the struggle of group costumes? Well fear not because we’re sticking with the series from last Friday with a Halloween Group Costume Idea round-up! These next five group costume ideas are sure to be hits and the best part is they can be DIY’d! What could be better than that?

Stranger Things

I accomplished something off my Fall Bucket List the other day, I rewatched Stranger Things, this time with my roommates. We’re all obsessed with those adorable kids. Oh and don’t get me started on Nancy’s subtle 80s fab style. How could you not want to get the gang together, ransack a thrift store, and hot the Halloween party as the hottest crew on TV Netflix.

Troop Beverly Hills

Remember Kim Kardashian’s Troop Beverly Hills baby shower a while back? Yea, she totally stole that from me, except it was my Pinterest-fueled imaginary bachelorette party but still. Whatever, it’s cool, I’m over it. However, that’s not going to stop me from dreaming up a full blown Troop Beverly Hills fantasy #girlsquad Halloween.


Okay, okay, I might have more of a thing for the 80s than I originally thought but how perfect would the cast of Clue be for a group costume? Whether you’re a fan of the board game, the movie, or both (like me!) you can find something for everybody in this costume. Personally, I’ve always been a Miss Scarlet myself…in the ballroom, with the candlestick.

American Horror Story

I’m a huge AHS fan, just take a peek at my Twitter feed on any given Wednesday for proof. I can’t help thinking how amazing it would be to get a group together and go as the characters from any of the anthologies. While everyone would be clamoring over Tate and Moira from Murder House you could give me a leopard jacket, ripped stocking, I’ll nix the under eye concealer and you can call me Hotel’s Hypodermic Sally. Viola!

Power Rangers

Did you see that trailer? I watched it without sound the first time and it was still amazing! Of course, that’s coming from someone who had two Power Ranger birthday cakes, endless episodes on VHS, and the pink ranger Barbie so I might be a little biased. What an epic throwback though! Oh and just my two cents here but Mighty Morphin or nothin’.

Well there you have it, y’all! Fire up the group texts, find your local thrift store, and get to it! Oh, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check out the linkup below!





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