Last Minute Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale Guide

Last Minute Guide to the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale on Monogrammed Magnolias

Happy Saturday! I hope y’all are off to a great start to your weekend. While it’s the start of the weekend, it’s also the start of something else. The holiday season! Say what you will about people who put the cart before the horse, AKA Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this season gets busier and busier earlier and earlier. That’s why I wanted to share a quick, last minute guide to one of the biggest sales of the year! That’s right, the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale is going on now and you really don’t want to miss these deals. To make things super easy on you, I’ve gathered together some of my favorite designer picks for you to shop through directly from here. All you have to do is use the shoppable widget at the bottom of the page. Saturdays were made for shopping, right?

Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Last Minute Guide to the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale on Monogrammed Magnolias

Micheal Kors Diamond Quilted Vest – Perfect for the little prepster in your in life! Also, a perfect fit with the Hunter rain boots we’ll be talking about in a second.

J. Crew Firefly Necklace – I can’t think of a single outfit in my wardrobe that can’t benefit from a little added sparkle, I bet the same can be said of yours.

Kate Spade Scarlett Moccasin Slipper – There’s just something so luxe about velvet slippers. Who wouldn’t love slipping these on during cold winter mornings?

Jolt Skinny Corduroy Pants – The color of the season…for less than $30?! You really can’t pass these up!

Hunter ‘Original Refined’ High Gloss Rain Boot – Hunter rain boots are classic but this slight stray from the classic colors makes this set a must have.

Thread & Supply Double Breasted Peacoat – You can’t get more classic than a camel peacoat, can you?

Kate Spade Meaghan Leather Card Case – A beautiful blue card case for the girl on the go.

Kate Spade Off the Grid iPhone 6 & 6s – Let’s face it, we have those “wanna be off the grid, but still have my phone glued to my hand” days.

Don’t forget you can shop all of these items through the links and widget above just by clicking! Have a great weekend, y’all. Happy Shopping!




Spring Break Picks

Spring is in the air…well, the thought of spring is in the air at least. There’s still piles of snow on the ground outside my house so I’m guessing spring won’t be in the air here for quiet some time.

Let’s put those thoughts of snow aside for now though because it’s officially March and with that comes Spring Break! Yay!

I know a lot of you Magnolias are college girls (I’m still a college girl at heart, don’t judge) so I thought I would throw together some of my top picks for everything you’ll need for college Spring Break.


Beaches are top picks when it comes to Spring Break so if you’re headed to some sandy shores you’re gonna need a bathing suit…or two…or three.


Victoria’s Secret The Forever One-Piece || Victoria’s Secret PINK Push Up Flounce Top || Victoria’s Secret PINK Scalloped Mini Bikini Bottom || Triangl Swimwear Winnie-Dakota Superfly || Victoria’s Secret PINK Wet Bikini Bag

Beach Cover Ups

Let’s face it, March isn’t the warmest month of the year by any standards so if you’re heading out to the beach for Spring Break chances are you’re gonna encounter some not so beach appropriate weather. With that being said, it’s nice to have a cover up on the beach no matter the weather. Here are some of my picks for beach cover ups.


J. Crew Embroidered Beach Tunic || State Pride Sunrise Spirit Jersey || Victoria’s Secret PINK Varsity Crew

Beach Accessories

You can’t go to the beach without gear, it’s just unheard of. You’re gonna need a tote, a towel, a little bit more.


Marley Lilly Monogrammed Beach Towel || Emblem Eyewear Modern Block Hipster Sunglasses || Marley Lilly Monogrammed Sand Buddy || Lilly Pulitzer Resort Tote in Fishing for Compliments || Victoria’s Secret Chug Mug

Don’t forget the sunblock either! Wear one with a high SPF, preferably waterproof. You’ll thank me when you don’t have to deal with an insane sunburn during your first night out.

Stay safe, Magnolias! And have the time of your lives.

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