The Sunday Six


Happy October, y’all!

October is my favorite month of the year for countless reasons (it’s my birthmonth for one!) so I thought it would be fun to kick off the month with the introduction of a new series…The Sunday Six! It’s most likely exactly what you think it is, a count of my favorite things at the moment. I’m actually pretty late to the party on this one so let’s just get to it before it comes the Monday Many (not cute).


In case you haven’t heard, Tara from Beaus and Bows and I are hosting a photo-a-day challenge over on Instagram. You can find the prompt and today’s post right here. Feel free to follow along and use the hashtag #BoosAndBows. I can’t wait to see how creative we can get with each day’s prompt. If you join in, you might even find yourself featured right here on Magnolia Moon.

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The Catch Up

I went out to celebrate my birthday a little early last night (it’s on Tuesday). Honestly, it was probably the first time I’d been out to a bar with my friends like that since college and at the risk of sounding like the “mom friend” that I am, it was surprisingly fun! We did everything you’d expect from a group of girls in a bar. Group bathroom selfies, the shot wheel, too many mixed drinks, obnoxious flash selfies, we even yelled “Free Bird” at the band. That last one is probably just a Southern girl thing but you get the picture. Later on in the night we met up with a group of guys we went to school with and my best friend and I realized a few of us had known each other for over 23 years. That’s longer than my little sister, who was also there, has been alive! I loved every minute of catching up with everyone and can’t wait to do it again…in a few weeks because, you know, balance.

Lip Paint

Sephora recently had Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Paint on the Weekly Wow for $11 so I snatched up 2 different shades, Deep Nude and Killin’ It. They’re pretty typical as far as liquid lipsticks go but I do feel a slight difference in the level of comfort on my lips compared to a formula like the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I’m a fan of both but Tarte does feel a bit more comfortable for everyday wear.

Pumpkin Spice on Ice

This is really my first year diving into the whole Pumpkin Spice thing and I have to say…I regret nothing. Currently I’m obsessed with iced pumpkin spice lattes because even if it is October it’s still 80-90 degrees on any given day so ice is necessary. I also hit Trader Joe’s wide open and snatched up Pumpkin Waffles, Pumpkin Crisps, and Pumpkin Ravioli. All were life changing and highly recommended.



I’ve been traveling to Louisville, Kentucky once a month for about four months now for doctor’s appointments and I’m realizing that I’m pretty much falling in love with the city. So this is more of a call to action than a favorite pick but if you have any travel guides to Louisville or happen to live there, let me know! It’s made it’s way onto my list of possible cities to live in and I want to know all I can about the city.

What’s the Tee

I’ve had a strong love for RuPaul since he played the Witches Council judge on Sabrina the Teenage Witch circa 1997. With that being said, I tend to listen to a lot of true crime or political podcasts that can weigh pretty heavy on the heart sometimes. That’s where RuPaul: What’s the Tee comes in. It’s a laugh every damn time. It’s honestly become my fool-proof, instant pick-me-up method. I’ve even started listening to episodes over again. I’ve probably heard the ep with Katya at least 3 times now. Also, there is no sound more precious than the cackle of RuPaul, it gets me every time.


There ya have it, y’all. A little rushed, a little thrown together but that’s the beauty of it. Stay tuned for more of The Sunday Six soon and in the mean time, be sure to follow me on Instagram for the #BoosAndBows challenge.







Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

I’m so excited about this Beauty Review because it involves some seriously amazing products from a seriously amazing company.

Hug Your Skin is a company on a mission to bring 100% organic European skincare to the American masses! It also has the added benefit of featuring cruelty free, vegan/vegetarian products. Oh, let’s not forget that the whole deal is owned and operated by a #GIRLBOSS which is a point that will always be celebrated as this blog supports women in business!

Now if that doesn’t make you want to know more about this awesome company and their products then I don’t know what will. Good thing I’ve got a complete run down on not one, not two, but FIVE Hug Your Skin products!

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Face Cleanser

If you’ve been around for a while then you probably already know that I categorize my skin type as dry, dry, dry. That can be especially problematic as the weather gets colder so I like to lean toward oil or cream based products. The problem with that tendency, however, is that a lot of mainstream products that cater to dry skin are just loaded down with chemicals and ingredients I don’t necessarily want to introduce into my system let alone my routine. That’s one of the big reasons why I was so happy to hear that Hug Your Skin features 100% certified organic products. This face cleanser is very balmy in texture which definitely helps my dry, weathered skin. It’s ultra nourishing but also effective at removing dirt, makeup, and impurities. This product just levels up the already amazing feeling of coming home and taking your makeup off after a hard day.

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Floral Face Tonic

Now this product was probably the most interesting to me. I’m not a huge fan of toners (they tend to dry out your skin and well, I’m already there) but I am a facial spray junkie! So once I realized that this product is sort of in between a toner and a spray, minus the alcohol, I was totally on board. With rose, chamomile, and lavender it smells like a garden…but in the best way possible! I say that as someone who doesn’t usually gravitate toward florally scents. This particular scent is pure and natural nothing at all reminiscent of a crazed department store spritzer girl. I like to use this product after cleansing or whenever I need a little refreshing pickmeup.

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Daily Face Oil

As a tried and true dry skin girl, I’m all about the face oils! This one just knocks it out of the park for me. It’s perfect as an everyday moisturizer (even for oilier girls!) as it protects and hydrates my skin. I also can’t get enough of the smell! It’s natural and a bit floral but more like honey than roses.

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Chocolate Face Mask

Move over Cupcake face mask, there’s a new sheriff in town! I’m a face mask fanatic. If you follow me on Snapchat then you’ve probably been witness to a few #FaceMaskFridays from me. Maybe even a sneaky one that featured this Chocolate Face Mask. It’s the perfect detoxing mask that has the added benefit of having a natural exfoliant. My dry, flaky skin really appreciates that while my body, mind, and soul appreciate that delicious chocolate scent.

Beauty Review: Hug Your Skin on Magnolia Moon

Night Balm 

I saved my favorite for last. Like I said earlier, the winter weather can be brutal on skin as it is but even harsher on an already dry complexion. That’s why I love the Hug Your Skin so freaking much! I just slather my face and neck in this stuff after cleansing and head to bed. Then, bippity boppity boo, I wake up with baby soft skin! To kick my day off I go back to the  Floral Face Tonic and top things off with the Daily Face Oil for added moisture beneath my makeup.

You can check out all of these products for yourself at Just think how perfect these products would be as a gift for any vegans or vegetarians in your life, your little sister who is just starting to experiment with makeup and skincare, or even your best friend who struggles with skin issues! There’s something for everyone right here.





The author received product in exchange for review but all views and opinions are that of the author. This post contains affiliate links.

Beauty Review: PLAY! by Sephora

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

I’m a huge fan of subscription services from fashion, jewelry, even food but one of my favorite categories by far is probably pretty obvious if you’ve been around these parts for a while. It’s beauty, of course. I’ve tried out a few different beauty subscriptions but always ended up finding fault with them at some point. That hasn’t stopped me from trying to find the perfect one though.

That’s why I was excited to find out that Sephora has started their own subscription service called Play! Much like other beauty subscriptions Sephora’s box is $10 a month and features a collection of 5 deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample that they consider a bonus. However, each box also includes an adorably chic cloth bag plus a card you can use in store for “free expert advice” as well as a pull-out filled with how-tos and expert tips for each of the products. Oh and extra bonus the card gets you 50 extra points at Sephora with any purchase.

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

Before I get to talking about the products let’s talk a bit about the actual service. I don’t know if this is true for everyone or if it’s still even an issue but the waitlist they put you on when you first sign up is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I was on it for at least two months before getting an email saying that I was “invited to Play!”

Then the shipping is a bit weird. You’re charged during the first week of the month but your box doesn’t ship until the third week. Once I didn’t get my box until the beginning of the next month because things were lagging a bit. That’s probably out of their hands but it’s not fun.

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

With all that being said, I still love finding that black and white striped box on my door step each month. I’m sure it’s because I’m a Sephora junkie but there’s just something about this box that seems a bit elevated than the rest in style and quality. Especially when it comes to the products…

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

The Products

Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in love spell – Such a cute little sample to start with. It’s small but better than a little plastic bubble pack sample. This came in a great, flattering pink shade and I really liked the lipstick, rich and moisturizing just as promised. Fun little tidbit: this product is cruelty free.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector – At first I thought, “oh I don’t really do styling creams.” Come to find out this product is more than just a styling cream, it’s a perfector. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s meant to add shine, vibrancy, and manageablity to your hair overnight. Sounds like a winner to me!

Well, upon first use of this product, I was thrown off by the smell. If I’m being honest, it smelt a bit like my dog’s flea shampoo which isn’t all that attractive. However, I moved past it when I woke up the next morning and my hair was laying in beautiful, shiny, curls and the smell was completely gone. I’m not saying any miracles were performed. My hair is naturally wavy but usually the curls and waves I wake up with look more like I’ve just come back from a night of sleeping on the forest floor rather than a satin pillow.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – One of my all time favorite products so I was happy to see a travel friendly version in this month’s box. What can I say? If you’re looking for a great liquid liner, perfect for a cat eye flick this product is what you want.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel – Another product I actually already own but also one that can always find a place in my makeup bag, the Brow Queen’s very own brow gel. Great for keeping stray hairs and rowdy brows in place.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer – I’m a huge fan of Dr. Jart+ but I have to say I’ve only ever tried their products via samples because, well, they are expensive. So needless to say, I was excited to find this moisturizer in this month’s box. I was impressed with the size of the sample seeing as the full size at $36 is only 3.3 fl. oz. So you could technically argue that at 1 fl. oz. this sample pays for the whole box. After using it a few nights before bed and under my makeup once or twice I can say that I’m a little confused as to why this found it’s way into the September box. Sure, it’s lightweight and hydrating but that seems more appropriate for a summer time box to me. Still enjoyable though so maybe that’s just me being nit picky.

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte – I’m a big Tory Burch fan but I’ve never tried her fragrances, which made me really appreciate that Sephora decided to toss in fragrance samples as a bonus. This particular scent is described to be “a tomboy and easygoing mix.” Two things I am not but I do appreciate a bit of tomboy in my fragrances. However, I didn’t get tomboy from this sample at all. It’s very floral to me. Which isn’t all that surprising considering the name literally means “Nice Green Flower” in French. I’m just not into floral scents but hey, now I know that this one isn’t for me so I can pass it on to my mom or roomies and give another Tory scent a shot.

Overall, I’m loving this subscription so far. It’s perfect for loyal Sephora girls or anyone who just loves to try out new products without laying down the big bucks just yet. I think I’ll let it stick around a bit longer. Who knows what the next box will bring after all? You can sign up for Play! here to try it for yourself.

What are your thoughts on subscription services? Got a favorite? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Snapchat for more subscription box love!





8 Nail Polishes for Fall

Eight Fall Nail Polishes on Monogrammed Magnolias

One of my favorite ways to transition into Fall slowly (but surely, of course) is through my nail polish choices. Sure, it’s a subtle change from my usual picks throughout the warmer months but it definitely gets me in the spirit of the season.

I’m all about the dark colors and the deep reds but I also like to throw a nice green and a few neutrals in my repertoire. You can find my top picks in those categories and more down below, maybe you’ll see one of your old faithfuls or even find a new favorite! You can shop for each polish directly through the links.

Eight Fall Nail Polishes on Monogrammed Magnolias

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Dark Polish

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark – My absolute favorite nail polish, hands down. I’m currently on my third bottle of this particular color which is unheard of when it comes to nail polishes. It looks very similar to polishes 4 and 8 pictured above but I can assure you that they are all very different. Lincoln Park is very purple but appears almost black on the nails. Perfect for Fall and Winter if you ask me.

Green Polish

Marc Jacobs 128 Nirvana – I must admit that what first drew me to this polish was the packaging. I just really like the bottle but it turns out that the color inside is actually pretty amazing. It’s a great forest green that’s colorful but unassuming at the same time. I mean that in the sense that you’re not going to get weird looks from peeps around the office for rocking this green on your fingers this season and that’s kind of a big deal.

Beige Polish

OPI Berlin there Done That – Not only is this a fantastic Fall neutral but it’s from a trusted brand and has a perfectly punny name. What more could a girl want in her nail polish?

Burgundy Polish

Nails Inc Kensington High Street – I’m a big fan of red fingernails but when it comes to the cooler months of Fall I tend to gravitate toward the deeper, warmer hues like this amazing oxblood polish. Plus, we all know oxblood is the on-trend color this season.

Red Polish

Formula X Curiosity – Did I mention I’m a big fan of red fingernails? Yeah, I just couldn’t resist throwing a classic in the mix. While this is still a classic red it does have that richness and warmth to it that just screams Fall.

Metallic Polish

Butter London All Hail the Queen – It just isn’t Fall without a warm metallic and this one combines the perfect amount of neutral & glitz. Plus, I have a soft spot in my heart for Butter London.

Navy Polish

Essie After School Boy Blazer – I went out and bought this polish after Carly from The College Prepster suggested it years ago…we even had a Twitter convo about it and I def fangirled. I’ve never looked back. It’s a seriously great color, such a classic navy that’s still sort of unexpected.

Purple Polish

OPI Infinite Shine Vampsterdam – I have to admit, I initially set out for a nice grey-beige to round out my neutrals but I just couldn’t find one that fit the bill completely for me so I decided to pull out an old favorite. Vampsterdam is an amazing purple and while it does appear similar to Lincoln Park After Dark and Kensington High Street above, it’s much more of a deep berry tone than those two.

Well there you have it, y’all. My top 8 Fall nail polishes. Like I said before you can shop all of these polishes directly through the links above. What are your favorite nail polishes for Fall? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Twitter for more talk of all things Fall, I’m a bit obsessed.



Beauty Attitudes with The Estée Edit

Beauty Attitudes with the Estée Edit on Monogrammed Magnolias

If you’re a beauty junkie (or obsessed with everything Kendall Jenner does) like me, then you might have heard of the new launch by Estée Lauder known as the Estée Edit. In my honest opinion, the whole thing is just Estée’s pleading shot at targeting a younger audience…which I’m totally down for!

I grew up on Estée Lauder but I’d be lying if I told you applying Double Wear doesn’t remind me of my grandmother every time I do it. That’s why the Estée Edit works. It’s a breath of fresh air that still manages to stick to the brand’s “Beauty is an Attitude” mantra. That renewed spirit is why I was so excited to see a package from the beauties over at the Estée Edit perched on my doorstep the other day. Oh and it’s also why I’m sharing all my thoughts on the products inside with you!

SPOILER ALERT – I adore all of these products, so get ready for it…

Inside Track Eye Kajal

I cannot tell you enough just how much I love this eyeliner. Let me set the scene for you. I pull this double ended liner out of the packaging and immediately can’t wait to try the darkest shade, a Bold Bordeaux. I barely touch the the product to my lid and it glides on like a freaking dream. I put down the liner, before actually finishing the line on my eye, and pull up the Sephora app on my phone just to see what other colors it comes in.

I’m determined to collect them all! No worries though, I managed to put down the phone long enough to finish both eyes before heading out to work where I rocked this liner for eight sweaty hours (the AC was still out). Which is practically unheard of when it comes to pencil liner. I love that the color is a different take from the typical black while still being dark enough to define. I adore the nude end for the upper lash line too, even though it may be to pink toned for my lower waterline.

Beauty Attitudes with the Estee Edit on Monogrammed Magnolias

Metallishadow Creme + Powder

I love a good two-in-one product but one that comes with a teensy tiny mirror automatically steals my heart. I’m not too big of a fan of loose pigment shadows but I love the color of this particular one. Paired with the coppery brown cream shadow, this Metallishadow in Solar Blast is kinda unstoppable in my book. Seriously, it makes me crave cable knit sweaters and PSLs just sitting on my vanity.

Late Night Eraser

Holy calzone…I love this stuff! At first I thought, here we go, another eye cream with a metal applicator. Cue the eye roll but try it anyway. Not only is the eye cream balm soothing and brightening but the metal applicator actually works for me! I’ve never had an applicator like this actually cool and sooth my under eye area like this one. I could seriously apply this stuff all day long, I can’t get enough.

Beauty Attitudes with the Estee Edit on Monogrammed Magnolias

Radiance Activator 

I feel like I say this every time I mention skincare but it’s worth repeating, I am a dry skin girl. Like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert dry. So anytime I see the words “radiance” and “glow” on a product’s packaging I am game.

At first, I used this product as a primer, applying it over moisturizer as a bit of a radiance boost. While it does an amazing job at that, it’s way more versatile than I first thought. I decided to experiment a bit seeing that it feels amazing on my skin, illuminates without shining, and has a smell reminiscent of a watermelon Jolly Rancher. So far, I’ve mixed it with my foundation, used it on bare skin, and even applied it as a subtle highlight over my makeup. All scenarios passed with flying colors! This is definitely a product you will want to check out if you suffer from dull skin.

Speaking of checking it out for yourself, you can shop all of the products I’ve mentioned right here: Inside Track Eye Kajal, Metallishadow Creme + Powder, Late Night Eraser, Radiance Activator

What about you…have you tried any of the Estée Edit products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Oh and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more shots of these amazing products.




* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Beauty Favorites: Hero Products

Beauty Favorites: Hero Products on Monogrammed Magnolias featuring Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics, DryBar, and more

I have been so lazy when it comes to my beauty routine lately. Between the move, setting up the house, and figuring out my new work schedule there just hasn’t been time for much of anything else but there have been a few heroes in the mix. What do you do when you find not one but FIVE hero products? You share them, of course!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I have not used another foundation since I bought this product three or four months ago. That’s a big deal! I literally cannot sing enough praises for this foundation. I know it’s technically a CC Cream but really it’s a full coverage foundation that can be sheered out with a damp beauty blender. That sort of versatility is why this is one of my hero products of the moment because it covers up breakouts (which are bound to happen when you’re dealing with the stress of a move), evens my skin tone, and stays all day!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

I grabbed a sample of this concealer at Sephora in Nashville the night before Warped Tour because I wanted a concealer that wouldn’t crease on me the next day. I spent the whole day at Warped sweating it down in 90+ degree heat and by the time we got back to the hotel around eleven that night, my concealer was still hanging on. Now, mind you, the rest of my makeup was having issues but let me reiterate…a whole day in 90+ degree heat. That’s impressive.

DryBar Triple Sec 3-in-1

During my early, bar hopping college days I used to have this holy grail hair product (which I can’t exactly remember the name of but that’s okay because they don’t make it anymore anyway) that rocked my world. It gave volume and texture and smelled amazing. I knew when I put that in my hair it was going to be a good day but then I ran out, threw away the bottle, and couldn’t find anything remotely similar…until now. DryBar’s Triple Sec is better! You see, this little guy is a 3-in-1,  volumizer, textuirzer, & dry shampoo, which is perfect for a busy boss babe! Just like most DryBar products, I can’t rave about it enough.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

This stuff has only been around since the middle of June and I have bought four different shades so far. That alone should speak it’s greatness but I’ll elaborate. I first tried this lipstick when Sephora sent me a huge 25 shade sample packet and I immediately fell in love with the texture and durability of the matte shades. (I’m a matte lips kinda girl so I haven’t really played around with any of the other finishes since the move, just to be fair.) They glide on so smooth, last so long, come in an incredible range of shades, and the packaging is kind of amazing. The four shades I have are Backtalk (mauve-nude), Stark Naked (light nude), Menace (fuchsia pink), and Hex (deep red-wine). I love that I can slap on Backtalk or Stark Naked with any makeup combo and be good to go while Menace and Hex are perfect, fun going-out shades.

Clarisonic Mia 

Remember how I said the CC Cream helped cover up breakouts? Well my Clarisonic Mia helps banish them! It also gets my skin unbelievably clean even when I’m wearing all of these long wearing products. I love that it’s waterproof so I can use it in the shower when I’m being a supreme lazy girl and it’s travel friendly which is a life saver. Personally, I think this is a great product for #BackToSchool as well, especially for all you college girls out there because rule #1 of life…always wash your face before bed. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I mean it. You won’t regret it!

Bonus Beauty Fave: I always use my Clarisonic with Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser which you can stock up on now during the #NSale. You can shop all these products directly by clicking the images down below. Oh, I know Clarisonic has come out with four or five new versions since the Mia but I’m still sticking with the OG because 1.) it’s cheaper (especially when it’s in the #NSale) and 2.) I don’t really need all those different settings, it works great as is.

What are some of your current beauty favorites or hero products? I’m always looking for recommendations so feel free to share your’s in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter as I’ll be sharing more bonus beauty favorites over there.



Beauty Review: Ole Henriksen VoxBox

Beauty Review Ole Henriksen VoxBox on Monogrammed Magnolias

So I may or may not have let out a teensy tiny scream when I found this little orange and yellow package sitting on my doorstep the other day. Turns out the contents were totally scream worthy, in the best way possible. They were Ole Henriksen products after all.

Thanks to the amazing peeps over at Influenster, who sent over the products, I’m bringing you a full review of not one, not two, but three…count ’em, 3 products!

Being the avid Sephora stalker supporter that I am, I’ve heard of Ole Henriksen but hadn’t really given any of their products a chance before. Hence, the excitement when checking the mail. Who doesn’t love trying new beauty products?

Beauty Review Ole Henriksen VoxBox on Monogrammed Magnolias

Truth Serum Collagen Booster

The first product I spotted was the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, it just seems like such an iconic Ole Henriksen product but like I said, I’ve never tried it before and I was deeply intrigued. I admit, when I first applied this product, I was a little confused about what was supposed to happen. Should I be looking out for a brighter complexion or one that’s more plump & hydrated. To be honest, as a dry skin girl, I was hoping for the latter. What I got in return was really a mix of both, especially when paired with the next product I’m going to talk about. I definitely noticed a bit more radiance and my skin didn’t seem so dry and flaky afterward but nothing too miraculous. The only downside, however, is that this stuff is pretty sticky after you apply it.

Beauty Review Ole Henriksen VoxBox on Monogrammed Magnolias

Sheer Transformation

Remember when I said I was a dry skin girl? Yea, well, that pretty much makes this little guy my new BFF. I could feel a difference in my skin after the first application, which is the sign of a true winner in my book. It has this incredible texture too, creamy but not heavy. Honestly, it manages to be creamy and gel-like while being hydrating but not sticky. Great for summer skin that can get a bit oily at times, even us dry girls can have our moments.

Beauty Review Ole Henriksen VoxBox on Monogrammed Magnolias

POWER Bright

Even at first glance, it appears this next product is what the whole box is centered around. The brand new POWER Bright is “a professional-strength three-step brightening system with an unprecedented 25% vitamin C concentrate to deliver maximum radiance in as little as one use.” Fancy, huh? I actually really enjoyed using this product. It was fun to try first thing in the morning, smelt lovely, and really did brighten my complexion but it was a bit daunting. Three steps is a lot when it comes to one product, especially when each step has a different set of instructions to accompany it. However, I definitely enjoyed the exfoliation and brightening effect but would most likely reserve this for more of a pamper day than every day use.

What are your thoughts on Ole Henriksen? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below.

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Beauty Trend: Color Correcting

Beauty Trend: Color Correcting Monogrammed Magnolias

Hello, Magnolias.

If you’re a certified Sephora stalker like me then you’ve probably seen the displays, gotten the mailers, and been bombarded with the emails all singing the praises of color correcting. To be honest, it’s all a bit confusing but fear not my darlings because your friendly neighborhood beauty junkie is here to break it all down for you.

Let me start by saying there are different types of coloring correcting, you know because it’s not confusing enough as it is. The kind we’re talking about here is actually correcting with colors while another kind is correcting discoloration. We came to know the latter mostly through the CC cream craze but now you can probably find CC creams in purples and greens too so we’ll just forget about that for the time being.

Coloring Correcting with Green

Green is typically the first color that comes to mind when it comes to color correcting and it’s also probably one of the crazier colors to find in your makeup bag so it only makes sense to start there. A helpful way to explain it, at least for me, is to think back to 6th grade art class and the giant color wheel poster on the wall or you know, google it. Green is directly across from red on the color wheel, making them complimentary colors. Don’t worry, I’m not going to throwback to an art class vocab quiz…that just means that when combined they cancel each other out. Get where I’m going with this? That’s right. Green will cancel out redness. For strong redness on my cheeks or around my nose I prefer a cream product that will blend with my foundation but if I’m hoping to calm down redness from zit I tend to lean more toward liquid products that won’t cake up under concealer.

Color Correcting with Purple

There are a few reasons why purple color correcting is my favorite, one being that purple is my favorite color so I gravitate toward it like a five year old and the other is that I’m a dry skin girl that occasionally suffers from sallow skin. If we go back to the color wheel you’ll see that purple actually cancels out yellow which can make certain skin tones appear dull or sickly. Not a good look. The purple tone cancels that out in your makeup the same way purple shampoo does for blonde hair. I love using all over products like NYX CC cream or a purple primer.


Color Correcting with Peach

Now this one can come with it’s own brand of confusing because the color used really depends on your skin tone. Overall, this color is used to combat dark circles with light to medium skin tones that battle bluer dark circles using lighter peach hues while darker skin tones that suffer from deeper dark circles should use shades closer to orange in color. One thing I’ve noticed from using this sort of color correcting is while the peach color does cancel out the dark circles it often makes my under eye area a different tone than the rest of my face so I still like to go over with a highlighting concealer. These color also correct dark spots such as hyperpigmentation.

Do you suffer from any of these skin issues? Do you use color correcting to help? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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What’s In My Bag Kate Spade Edition Video

What's In My Bag Kate Spade Edition Exotic Meriweather

Hello, Magnolias.

I’ve got something exciting to share with you today! My first official Monogrammed Magnolias YouTube video! I decided to start with a YouTube classic, What’s In My Bag.

I’ve wanted to jump into video content for a while now and think this will be a great way to accomplish that. Hopefully you’ll learn a little bit more about me through this new outlet aside from what I hoard in my handbag, of course. I hope you enjoy.

It’s a long one…who knew a bag so small could hold so much? Be sure to thumbs up the video if you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel so you’re always up to date on more videos to come. So grab a snack and kill some time, here’s What’s In My Bag: Kate Spade Edition

What videos do you enjoy watching? What would you like to see on my channel in the near future? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!

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Beauty Review: Maybelline Dream Velvet Hydrating Foundation


Hello, Magnolias.

How’s everyone handling the aftermath of #Snowzilla? It’s been days and this side of the Bluegrass state is still under about eight inches of snow. Let’s just say snow shovels are sold out everywhere.

The monster snowstorm is actually what sparked this review. I went out before the storm to stock up on food and hot chocolate when I got a little distracted by the makeup aisle. By distracted I mean I deliberately went in through the door closest to the makeup…you know, the one on the opposite side of the groceries.

I was then bombarded by “new” this, “new” that…it was insane. I managed to filter through it a bit and grabbed this little guy, Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation, right before three girls with purple hair decided to just sit on the floor in the middle of the aisle to inspect some eyeliner. I know it can be a bit agonizing searching through products on the bottom rung but don’t be like those girls. Bend down, grab a few products off the rack, then have a closer look while standing at your full height. No one wants to talk about a blacklight and Walmart in the same sentence so I’ll just leave it at that.

Weathering the storm, with my groceries in tow mind you, had its fair share of boredom so it was a great time to try out this foundation and give you a full spectrum of my thoughts on it.

Packaging & Pricing

All foundation should come in a squeezy tube! There, I said it. Tubes are just so “no-hassle.” I can squeeze out the perfect amount of product on the back of my hand, right onto my brush or sponge, even directly onto my face (which I’m totally guilty of). I also like the fact that there’s no need to worry about glass breaking or product making a mess of things as long as I keep track of the lid. I think it’s fun that the packaging actually has a matte feel to it too. I see what you did there, Maybelline. As far as price goes, this product ranges anyway from around $8 (Fairly certain I paid less than 8 bucks at Walmart but they don’t have it online yet) to almost $11 at Ulta. So my advice is to compare prices at your local drugstores or use a coupon when you can.

Consistency & Wear

The actual product has a moussey texture which fits in perfectly with Maybelline’s signature whipped products. Now let’s touch on that whole hydrating but matte deal. As a dry skin girl, I am all about hydrating products but the idea of matte, especially in the winter, sort of scares me a bit so putting the two of them together is oddly intriguing. Definitely worth a try, right?

I’ve tried applying this product with both a brush and a sponge and I have to say the brush is where it’s at. Which is odd, considering that Maybelline is marketing their new Dream Blender Sponge and this foundation as the perfect pairing. Maybe it was just my sponge (though I doubt it) but the product seemed to just gunk up when I attempted to blend it out. Using a brush was a different story entirely. I could really feel the hydrating effect of the foundation when blending it into my skin with the brush. It was almost like a cooling sensation but without the weird chemically feeling, more like a splash of natural cold spring water. That’s pretty much heaven to dry skin.

The matte texture is kinda crazy too. My skin really did feel like velvet. Even after a whole day of wear. However, one of the problems I had with the foundation is that it’s not necessarily buildable. With that being said, I do believe it’s a medium to full coverage foundation without feeling too heavy but I like my foundation leaning more on the full coverage side so I went in with my usual concealer. That didn’t go so well. Things started moving around and bunching up as I was blending. I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses but I really want to take the blame for that one. See, I sorta got distracted by my Netflix binge of Reign while doing my makeup and went straight into my normal “concealer all over” routine. That wasn’t really necessary. Sure, those under eye bags (the Netflix binge can take the blame for that one too) needed to be covered but I didn’t really need the whole center of the forehead, down the nose, chin, and jawline deal.

I eventually got things under control but that brings me to another issue. The color selection. What is the deal with all the pink? Every shade from Nude to Porcelain came off as a hue meant for a Steel Magnolias wedding. I understand that there are some fair skinned girls out there with pink undertones but not enough that the five lightest shades have to be Valentine’s ready. So, shade matching is a little hard, especially in the drugstore when there are no testers and you don’t want to ruin products for the next gal by opening five different tubes. I grabbed one I thought was close and it was just that, close enough to work with.


With all that being said, I enjoy using this foundation especially considering that it’s a texture I’m comfortable with but not used to wearing. It’s nice to mix things up every once in a while. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the same amount of product for about 1/4 of the price of some of my favorite high-end foundations. You can’t really complain there. If you’re curious about this whole soft-matte yet hydrating deal then I say you should definitely give this foundation a try. I’d skip the sponge if I were you but to each her own.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried out this product? Got a foundation recommendation? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

Also, I just started a Valentine’s Day themed group board on Pinterest. You should go follow me there, check out the board, and you can follow the directions in the board’s description if you’d like to contribute.

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