The Best Deals at the Sephora VIB Sale

The Best Deals at the Sephora VIB Sale on Monogrammed Magolias

I’m going to be completely honest here, this post is my way of recovering from this insane election season. It’s been a rough one. So rough that the only thing I could think of that would cheer me up today was a little retail therapy. When you get in that kind of mindset, well, all roads lead to Sephora.

Which was actually perfect because it just so happens that Sephora’s annual VIB Sale is happening this weekend. That’s right, folks, this weekend! Friday, November 11 through Monday, November 14 to be exact. So, if you’re a part of Sephora’s VIB or Rouge be sure to check your emails and mark your calendars because it’s going down! No need to stress over what to grab. That’s where I come in. Just keep reading to find the best deals Sephora’s VIB Sale has to offer and use the links below to shop the products directly!

VIB Sale Favorites

The Best Deals at the Sephora VIB Sale on Monogrammed Magnolias

Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set – I’m head over heels for Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid lipstick! This is an amazing kit to try out shades from classic to bold.

Value: $80

Retail Price: $49

VIB Price: $39

DryBar The Big Blowout Bundle – I don’t know about you but I’ve had my eyes on the 3-Day Bender curling iron from DryBar for a while now. With that being said, go big or go home, right? Might as well get the bundle!

Value: $434

Retail Price: $299

VIB Price: $239

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Gift Set – Can’t forget the guys in your life during this sale! Spicebomb might be my favorite scent on a guy ever which makes sense seeing as Flowerbomb is probably my favorite perfume. Plus, you can’t really find a cooler bottle.

Retail Price: $95

VIB Price: $76

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – This is a great way to try multiple products from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting range. You get the Ambient Lighting powder, bronzer, 2 blushes, and the new Ambient Strobe Lighting powder. That’s a grab-and-go palette if I’ve ever seen one.

Retail Price: $80

VIB Price: $64

Make Up For Ever Customizable Set – This is a great way to try a new foundation (or just stock up)! In this set you get the MUFE Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer, an Ultra HD Liquid Foundation (in your choice of shade), and the Artisan Brush! Such a great value!

Value: $96

Retail Price: $69

VIB Price: $55

Sunday Riley #SquadGoals Skincare Essentials Kit – I’ve wanted to try the Sunday Riley brand for a while now so through in an essentials kit that claims to be #SquadGoals and I am ALL IN! No questions asked.

Value: $112

Retail Price: $90

VIB Price: $72

Clinique Honey, Honey Lip Set – Fun Fact: Clinque Black Honey Almost Lipstick was my first ever beauty counter purchase. I was 12 and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Well, it was because I’m still using it now. This kit has the extra perks of Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm in both Black Honey and Pink Honey.

Value: $61

Retail Price: $36

VIB Price: just under $29

VIB Sale Under $25

The Best Deals at the Sephora VIB Sale on Monogrammed Magnolias

Tarte Gallery Gals Deluxe tarteist Eyeliner Set – I’m a big gel eyeliner fan so there’s something so intriguing about a gel eyeliner in a squeeze tube. What better way to try the new Tarte eyeliners than with a set that features two different colors and a mini brush?

Value: $28

Retail Price: $19

VIB Price: just over $15

Josie Maran Argan Oil Duo – I’m a Josie Maran Argan Oil freak! Seriously. I’ve been using it since my junior year of college. I’ve never looked back. It’s my winter time moisturizer, my split end mender, my cuticle oil, my everything! I love it. so when I see it in a value pack I buy it. Which makes this duo a must-have for me.

Value: $32

Retail Price: $18

VIB Price: just over $14

Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite – Have you tried Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche lipsticks? They’re kind of amazing and getting four in one set makes them extra amazing.

Value: $59

Retail Price: $25

VIB Price: $20 (that’s $5 per lipstick!)

Living Proof Spread Cheer Perfect Hair Kit – Two words. Jennifer Aniston. Yep, that’s all you need to know right? I’m loving picking up bits and pieces of the Living Proof collection to try out and this kit just seems perfect (I mean it’s in the name). It has both a shampoo and conditioner as well as a dry shampoo.

Value: $42

Retail Price: $25

VIB Price: $20

Nails Inc Candy Cane Set – Who doesn’t love nail polish? This kit is great because it features three great colors for the Fall/Winter season. In fact, Kensington High Street was featured in my Fall Nail Polish post a few weeks ago.

Retail Price: $19

VIB Price: a little over $15

fresh Sugar Lip Power Couple – Not gonna lie, I love the fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (I have the rose one on right now as I type this!) but I find it hard to spend $22+ on a lip balm. This kit makes it easier to take because it includes the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy as well as the Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy. Win, win!

Value: $26

Retail Price: $25

VIB Price: $20

Tangle Teezer Candy Cane – I can’t actually remember what life was like before I discovered the Tangle Teezer. I don’t actually own any other hair brushes. That’s how much I love them! It’s not much of a value buy but they’re amazing so I had to throw it in there. Plus, this version is limited edition for the holidays without being too holiday themed. AKA. no actual candy canes featured on this brush.

Retail Price: $15

VIB Price: $12

Don’t forget to shop the Sephora VIB Sale starting this Friday and lasting through Monday! You can shop all of these products through the links above and keep an eye out on my Twitter where I’ll be sharing more favorite picks from the sale and more.







Current Obsessions: Halloween Edition

Current Obsessions Halloween Edition on Mongorammed Magnolias

Happy Halloween!!! I hope y’all are up for some tricks and treats today! I’m actually starting a new job working at a local charity shop today so I’m holding out for more treats than tricks. So to encourage the universe a bit in that department I figured I’d start by giving a treat. As a bit of  a bonus today here’s a look at my Halloween themed Current Obsessions.

The Addams Family

I grew up on The Addams Family. I wore out multiple VHS tapes back in my day and was completely in love with the lesser known cartoon version. Somehow, over the years, I managed to lax a bit on my obsession with the ooky and spooky family. However, that has all changed thanks to ABC Family’s Freeform’s 13 Night’s of Halloween. I forgot how good The Addams Family movie and it’s sequel, Addams Family Values, actually were. Maybe it’s just the kid in me but I’m obsessed all over again.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned

As a bonafide 90s kid, I have had a long standing obsession with black lipstick. It was always something I admired on other girls but never something I thought I could ever pull off. That is until I started reading up on my little obsession with these articles on the important history of black lipstick here and here. While this formula isn’t exactly black, more like blackberry, it does push buttons in all the right ways for me. In fact, I love it so much I featured this color in my Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips post earlier this month. You can join me in the (almost) black lipstick obsession by picking up your own KVD Damned here.

The Walking Dead


No spoilers but…OMG SEASON 7! It’s crazy, y’all. That season premiere was a rough one but honestly, it all evened out with last night’s episode. In fact, I might go as far as to say that last night’s ep was probably my favorite episode of the hole series and that’s kinda crazy in it’s own right. If you’ve seen it then you probably know what I mean. If you haven’t then I suggest you get on it!

The Last Podcast on the Left

Before I say anything, this podcast is not for the easily offended. Honestly, it pushes my buttons sometimes but it’s comedy so just take it with a grain of salt. At the basis of this podcast is 3 guys who love horror movies, true crime, and all things creepy. Check, check, and check please! The other day I was listening along while doing dishes, typical. It was one of those days though. You know, the kind where things just continually go wrong until you’re just going about your day under a huge pile of ewww. The podcast made me laugh out loud so many times that my mood was instantly lifted with very little effort. It literally saved the day! That’s the sign of a good comedy podcast if you ask me.

What are some of your Halloween obsessions this year? Did you go to a killer party? What costume did you end up going with? Let me know it ALL in the comments!

Happy Halloween!




Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips

Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips on Monogrammed Magnolias

Nothing says autumn beauty to me more than a dark, vampy lip. A dark lip color can be a bit intimidating at times though. That’s why I wanted to walk you through this mega trend and show off a few of my favorites. I’ve got everything from matte to glossy, practically black to shades of berry. There’s something here for everyone so if you’re looking to join in or just wanting to try something new, keep reading!

Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips on Monogrammed Magnolias

Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips on Monogrammed Magnolias

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Hex

I’m obsessed with all of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks but Hex really hits the spot when it comes to fun, Fall colors. As a Mega Matte shade Hex is not only long lasting but it’s super comfortable too. What’s not to love?

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Lacquer in Bordeaux

Something for the glossy girls that’s just about as dark and delicious as they come. This Lip Lacquer is long wearing so it’ll take you through even the craziest of Halloween parties.

Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips on Monogrammed Magnolias

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned

Back to the matte-est of mattes with this one. I’m a big Kat Von D liquid lipstick fan. In fact, they’re probably my favorite ones on the market. I was feeling adventurous when I picked up Damned

L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in 502

I have to admit, what most attracts me to this lip color is the packaging. That’s okay though because it’s actually a really great shade! It’s glossy yet comfortable and perfectly fits into the vampy trend.

Beauty Trend: Vampy Lips on Monogrammed Magnolias

Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Tint in Moody

Consider this a lip color for all the baby vamps out there. If you’re just getting your feet wet with the trend then I suggest a little Moody to get you started. First of all, it’s incredibly easy to apply as it comes in lip crayon then it’s a great dark berry shade that flatters just about every skin tone. You can’t go wrong.

What do you think of this Fall beauty trend? Got a favorite go-to vampy lip color? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more beauty tips and tricks!



Beauty Review: PLAY! by Sephora

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

I’m a huge fan of subscription services from fashion, jewelry, even food but one of my favorite categories by far is probably pretty obvious if you’ve been around these parts for a while. It’s beauty, of course. I’ve tried out a few different beauty subscriptions but always ended up finding fault with them at some point. That hasn’t stopped me from trying to find the perfect one though.

That’s why I was excited to find out that Sephora has started their own subscription service called Play! Much like other beauty subscriptions Sephora’s box is $10 a month and features a collection of 5 deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample that they consider a bonus. However, each box also includes an adorably chic cloth bag plus a card you can use in store for “free expert advice” as well as a pull-out filled with how-tos and expert tips for each of the products. Oh and extra bonus the card gets you 50 extra points at Sephora with any purchase.

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

Before I get to talking about the products let’s talk a bit about the actual service. I don’t know if this is true for everyone or if it’s still even an issue but the waitlist they put you on when you first sign up is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I was on it for at least two months before getting an email saying that I was “invited to Play!”

Then the shipping is a bit weird. You’re charged during the first week of the month but your box doesn’t ship until the third week. Once I didn’t get my box until the beginning of the next month because things were lagging a bit. That’s probably out of their hands but it’s not fun.

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

With all that being said, I still love finding that black and white striped box on my door step each month. I’m sure it’s because I’m a Sephora junkie but there’s just something about this box that seems a bit elevated than the rest in style and quality. Especially when it comes to the products…

Beauty Review: Play! by Sephora on Monogrammed Magnolias

The Products

Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in love spell – Such a cute little sample to start with. It’s small but better than a little plastic bubble pack sample. This came in a great, flattering pink shade and I really liked the lipstick, rich and moisturizing just as promised. Fun little tidbit: this product is cruelty free.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector – At first I thought, “oh I don’t really do styling creams.” Come to find out this product is more than just a styling cream, it’s a perfector. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s meant to add shine, vibrancy, and manageablity to your hair overnight. Sounds like a winner to me!

Well, upon first use of this product, I was thrown off by the smell. If I’m being honest, it smelt a bit like my dog’s flea shampoo which isn’t all that attractive. However, I moved past it when I woke up the next morning and my hair was laying in beautiful, shiny, curls and the smell was completely gone. I’m not saying any miracles were performed. My hair is naturally wavy but usually the curls and waves I wake up with look more like I’ve just come back from a night of sleeping on the forest floor rather than a satin pillow.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – One of my all time favorite products so I was happy to see a travel friendly version in this month’s box. What can I say? If you’re looking for a great liquid liner, perfect for a cat eye flick this product is what you want.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel – Another product I actually already own but also one that can always find a place in my makeup bag, the Brow Queen’s very own brow gel. Great for keeping stray hairs and rowdy brows in place.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer – I’m a huge fan of Dr. Jart+ but I have to say I’ve only ever tried their products via samples because, well, they are expensive. So needless to say, I was excited to find this moisturizer in this month’s box. I was impressed with the size of the sample seeing as the full size at $36 is only 3.3 fl. oz. So you could technically argue that at 1 fl. oz. this sample pays for the whole box. After using it a few nights before bed and under my makeup once or twice I can say that I’m a little confused as to why this found it’s way into the September box. Sure, it’s lightweight and hydrating but that seems more appropriate for a summer time box to me. Still enjoyable though so maybe that’s just me being nit picky.

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte – I’m a big Tory Burch fan but I’ve never tried her fragrances, which made me really appreciate that Sephora decided to toss in fragrance samples as a bonus. This particular scent is described to be “a tomboy and easygoing mix.” Two things I am not but I do appreciate a bit of tomboy in my fragrances. However, I didn’t get tomboy from this sample at all. It’s very floral to me. Which isn’t all that surprising considering the name literally means “Nice Green Flower” in French. I’m just not into floral scents but hey, now I know that this one isn’t for me so I can pass it on to my mom or roomies and give another Tory scent a shot.

Overall, I’m loving this subscription so far. It’s perfect for loyal Sephora girls or anyone who just loves to try out new products without laying down the big bucks just yet. I think I’ll let it stick around a bit longer. Who knows what the next box will bring after all? You can sign up for Play! here to try it for yourself.

What are your thoughts on subscription services? Got a favorite? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Snapchat for more subscription box love!





Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


Hello, Magnolias.

Can you believe Christmas is only two weeks away? The clock is really ticking down. It’s time to get all the little things in a row and that includes the little gifts, aka Stocking Stuffers. I’ve put together this Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers perfect for any girl in your life and the best part is they’re all $20 and under!

Urban Outfitters Marble iPhone 6/6s case – There’s just something about marble that seems so luxe, even in plastic form. I’m betting any iPhone user would love to find this case in their stocking this year.

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit – I have strong opinions when it come to Pinch Provision kits, one of them being that every girl needs one.  They’re just so handy, I’ve had mine for years and still carry it everywhere I go. I love how customizable they’ve gotten over the years. If you head over to their website you can even get a kit with custom charms from The College Prepster. Everything from classic glasses, pineapples, whales, oh my.

Kate Spade Eat Cake for Breakfast Tumbler – I see this tumbler everywhere and that only makes me want it more because it is too cute. What girl wouldn’t want to see this in her stocking?

Kate Spade Treat Yourself Reusable Shopping Bag – In the same aspect, I don’t see this bag enough. It folds up so small and you can make the argument that purchasing this bag will help save the planet as it can be used instead of paper or plastic bags at the grocery store! Win, win!

Drybar Lil Lemon Drop Travel Detangler Brush – I love mini hairbrushes! I think it comes from those little pop-out brush compacts I used to carry around in middle school but this little travel detangler brush from Drybar seems like a major upgrade from that. Any fan of smooth hair would be lucky to find this Lil Lemon Drop hanging by the fireplace this Christmas.

Delfonics Quitterie Cardcase – A cardcase just seems so grown-up and sophisticated to me. This Delfonics case from Urban Outfitters makes the luxe case fun again with bright hues from turquoise to lilac, you can’t go wrong with this little gift.

Formula X Studded X: Mini lip + nail polish – I am a HUGE Kat Von D makeup fan so when I heard she was pairing up with Sephora’s Formula X I had to get my hands on a polish but then I found this adorable kit that pairs a polish with matching mini Studded Kiss Lipstick. At just $15, it’s a perfect pairing for the beauty junkie in your life.

Sephora Collection Face Mask – What girl doesn’t love a good face mask? I love the variety of masks available from the Sephora Collection as well as their reasonable price tag. These are small but pack a big punch, the perfect stocking stuffer if you ask me. Be sure to check out my review of this mask here.

Lilly Pulitzer Key Fob – For the Lilly Lover in your life. Perfect for a newly licensed little sister, cousin off to college, or even your mom.

What treats are you hoping to find in your stocking this year? Let me know in the comments.

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My Fall Makeup Favorites

Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely adore Fall?

Trick question! I know I’ve talked about it a ton but it just makes me so happy. I’m officially breaking out sweaters and more from my Fall Essentials list so I thought I would take it a step further share my Fall Makeup Favorites with you now.

If you want to see all these picks in action then check out my Instagram! My profile picture and this picture are actually the same look just with two different lip options.

Essence Nude Long Wearing Lipstick

L to R: Cool Nude, Porcelain Doll, Wearing Only A Smile

First of all, have you tried Essence? It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands. These lipsticks are a new Fall collection and get this, they’re only $2.99 at Ulta. It’s been a while since I paid less than $10 for a lipstick let alone less than $3 so since they were so cheap I went ahead and picked up all three shades.

last one got damaged during shipping 🙁

There’s only one problem with getting all three, one that’s similar to a situation Goldie Locks found herself in. The lightest shade is way too light and the middle shade give me concealer lips, but that last shade is just right! I’ve fixed that by using them together for an ombre lip. They’re all super creamy and long lasting (especially when paired with the next product we’re going to talk about) so pairing them together totally works.

Lip Liner

L to R: Honey Berry, Satin Mauve, Wish Me A Rose, In The Nude (all by Essence), Addiction, Eastend Snob (both by Rimmel), Cute Pink, and Femme Fatale (by Essence)

I totally hopped on the lip liner bandwagon with some popular Rimmel picks. Mostly because Amelia Liana LOVES Eastend Snob and I love Amelia so I had to give it a try. I wanted more options but didn’t really want to continue paying the over $5 price at Ulta so I hunted out some super cheap picks and that’s how I found Essence! They’re lip liners are amazing, as in they last longer than the Rimmel ones, and they’re only $1.49.  That’s why I’m treating them like Pokemon and collecting them all.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

There’s just something about a classic red lip that I love this time of year, as well as every other season. Also, when it comes to makeup, Kat Von D is killing it. Every product of her’s that I come across has hooked me immediately and her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is no different. I want every shade! They really are long lasting and easy to apply but most importantly to me, they are incredibly comfortable. I can barely feel it on my lips and it doesn’t smudge. Which is important when it comes to red lips. I even have to use a pretty heavy duty liquid makeup remover to get it off.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Redemption Eyeshadow Palette

 Another fabulous drugstore discovery. I was just browsing on Ulta’s website when I stumbled upon this incredible Makeup Revolution palette. What caught my eye was the resemblance to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I thought the rosy tinted shadows and deeper pigments would be great for some Fall smokey eyes and at $7 I just couldn’t pass it up.

I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented the shadows are and the range of colors. There’s even a great matte base color as well as two matte crease colors to go with the shimmering gold, taupe, purple, brown, and pink shades. I love this palette so much that I’m ordering more of the Redemption Palettes asap.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

Everyone is talking about this highlight and for good reason. It’s insanely pretty! Like so pretty that I’ve actually considered buying a back up seeing as it’s limited edition. While the champagne gold highlight is just out of this world, my favorite part about the entire thing is that this product was made as a collaboration between one of my favorite YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill, and a favorite company of mine, Becca. It’s just so perfect I want to wear it all year round.

What are your Fall Makeup Favorites? I’m always open to new makeup product suggestions so leave them in the comments below.

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Beauty Scenario Tag


Hello, Magnolias.

Today has been the definition of a lazy Sunday, so I thought I’d pull up a fun tag and give it a try. This one sparked my interest because it was created by one of my favorite YouTubers, Lily Pebbles (I’m currently obsessed with her vlogs and may or may not have cried when she announced she was engaged! Sorry not sorry.). So let’s see how this goes.

You have to get rid of all your foundations except for 1 high end and 1 drugstore. Which do you keep?

I was surprised by how easy this was for me to choose, mostly because I don’t have that many high end foundations but the drugstore pick was easy too.

High endToo Faced Born this Way Foundation: I’ve only had this a few weeks and it’s already topping the list of my favorite high end foundations.

DrugstoreCoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Oil-Free Foundation: I love mixing this stuff with a liquid highlighter for an even more luminizing finish. It’s probably my favorite drugstore foundation ever.

You go for an interview and the interviewer has lipstick on her teeth. Do you tell her or completely ignore it?

This is completely circumstantial, if I were in a fairly laid back setting I would tell her for sure but I can totally see that ending badly if the interviewer is super serious and a no-nonsense type of gal (or guy, no judgement). It really depends.

You’re not feeling yourself and need a pick-me-up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?

My immediate thought is to pick a hot pink lipstick (like the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Melted Fuchsia) but that can be a little harsh sometimes so I tend to reach for my itty bitty, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft. It’s a classic pinky nude and apparently everyone is loving it because it’s labeled as a “cult favorite” and is Out of Stock online. Don’t worry, I’m already signed up for the email notice for when it’s back in stock.

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?

Oh if only this were an actual thing. I would go back and make sure my teenage self knew how to use a straightening iron properly but also tell her not to do it to the point of damaging our hair. I’d definitely try and tell teenage me that the oily foundation she is using might be the cheapest option but it is definitely not the most flattering and that she should blend, blend, blend.

You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott cut but they hear you wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a.) smile and say thank you then leave and call your mom hysterical, b.) cry in the chair and things get awkward, or c.) complain to the manager and demand a refund?

I found this question particularly funny because my hairdresser is actually a good family friend who pretty much refuses to cut my hair any shorter than shoulder length but I’ll just look at this as if I went to someone new. Honestly, my hair is rapidly reaching Rapunzel level so I would probably cry in the chair from shear shock.

Your friend surprises you with a 4 day trip. You have an hour to pack, which do-it-all palette do you pack in your bag?

This was insanely easy because I actually pack only this palette when travelling…the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette. I recently found out that there is a Double Exposure Travel Palette but it doesn’t seem like my sort of shades from the picture online. Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Your house has been robbed, don’t worry everyone is safe but your beauty stash has been raided. What’s the product you really hope is safe?

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop!!!

Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a.) just pretend you haven’t noticed b.) ask them to repurchase it or c.) secretly do the same to something of their’s?

This actually used to happen to me all the time in middle school when my friends and I were all really into doing each other’s makeup. Back then I probably would have chosen Option A but now my makeup can get pretty expensive and I work hard to save up for it most times so I would definitely ask them to repurchase it, that seems fair.

That was fun! This was a pretty unique tag and a good one to really get cha thinkin’ so I’m going to tag everyone reading this! Seriously, y’all should give it a try and if you do be sure to comment down below or tweet me and I’ll check out your version too.

Have a great day, Magnolias!

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Valentine’s Day Makeup: Pink & Gold

Hello, Magnolias!

This post is actually a continuation of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Fashion. We’re keeping with the pink and gold theme but this time all the focus is on the face.

I just love the pink and gold combo so much that I wanted to give you guys a peek at one of my favorite looks. It’s so simple and perfect for a Valentine’s Day look that’s a bit of a step away from traditional pink shadows and red lips.


I kept things pretty simple here not really too much technique involved. I just love the idea of creamy gold shadow and hot pink lips. Keep reading for a look at all the products I used to create this look.



Benefit The POREfessional / Maybelline Baby Skin Primer / Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance / Beauty Blender knockoff / Real Techniques Expert Face Brush / e.l.f. Tone Correcting Concealer / e.l.f. Cover Everything  Concealer

First of all, let me apologize for the ridiculous state of that makeup sponge and brush. It’s a struggle to wash those things, I hope you understand. I have two primers featured because I actually mixed them together. I just like the way they work together better than they do individually. The BB cream is quickly becoming my favorite and I’m still hoping to do a in-depth review soon.


Rimmel London Exaggerate Shadow Primer NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Corcovado e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Little Miss Thing Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown

I used two different shades of gold shadow sticks for this look just to give a bit more dimension. I started with the NARS shadow on the lid then blended it out into the e.l.f. shade.


Benefit Hoola Benefit Dandelion Real Techniques Cheek Brush / Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

I’m sorry to say that this little kit was a holiday limited edition and the cheek brush I used for my blush is also from the limited edition Nic’s Picks kit from Real Techniques. Soz.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara / Too Faced Melted Liquefied Lipsticks in Melted Fuchsia

I used my favorite mascara of the moment and my favorite lipstick to top off the look. I really think the hot pink lips make the look.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments below. If you recreate this look tag me on Instagram and Twitter.

until next time, Magnolias